Meeting of the Study Group
“Molecular Neurobiology“

Ruhr-University Bochum, Veranstaltungszentrum, Saal 1
September 28 – 30, 2022



Welcome to the International Meeting
organized by the Study Group “Molecular Neurobiology” as part of the German Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM) and the RUB Research School. With this Meeting, we bring together a wide range of Neuroscientists from Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Great Britain, Japan and the USA to explore new perspectives of understanding brain functions and the non-invasive methods of their modulation. In 3 plenary lectures we discuss therapeutic transplantation of stem cell-derived neurons in Parkinson`s disease, the quality control of protein folding in cells and the development of new optogenetic tools in neuronal networks in vivo. In 6 symposia we will bridge a broad field of approaches including induced stem cell technology (iPS), 3D cell culture to investigate brain functions and transplantation, magnetic guidance of neurite growth by functionalized iron core nanoparticles, the epigenetic control of protein expression, the investigation of synaptic connectivity by in vivo super resolution STED microscopy and analysis of memory function in neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, there will be lunch sessions on research in the bioscience industry, spectroscopic methods and biomarkers. We would also like to draw your attention to the young scientists that will present their work in poster or oral presentations. This is a great opportunity to meet the upcoming new generation of promising young researchers and students can meet the “PI”. Within the sessions we will have presentations selected from the abstracts. The poster sessions, scheduled on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday offer dynamic, vivid and personal presentations allowing to forge new collaborations and to discover new fields and ideas. Finally, we wish to draw your attention to the industry exhibitions. Major companies from the fields of modern spectroscopy and bioscience will present their products and services. We thank all our sponsors, whose contributions have greatly helped in shaping this event.
We wish all participants, speakers and presenters an enjoyable and productive conference!


Wednesday, Sept. 28th
Registration and Welcome (11:00 - 13:50)
11:00 - 13:30 Registration and Poster Mounting
13.30 - 13:50 Welcome Notes by the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Conference Chair
Wednesday, Sept. 28th
Research School Symposium, Plenary Lecture and Poster Session 1 (13:50 - 21:00)
  Research School Symposium chaired by Tim Ziebarth, Annika Haak, Lisa Bachmann, Lucia Gallego and David Marks
13:50 - 14:10 Welcome and Introduction
14:10 - 14:40

Ilaria Testa, Stockholm, SE (virtual)

4D nanoscopy of neuronal cells

14:40 - 15:10

Brian J Bacskai, Boston, USA

Optical imaging of pathophysiology in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease

15:10 - 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 - 16:10

Giorgia Quadrato, LA, USA (virtual)

Upgrading the physiological relevance of human brain organoids

16:10 - 16:40

Daniela Petrobon, Padova, IT

Insights into migraine mechanisms from genetic mouse models of the disease

16:40 - 17:00

Short Break

  Plenary Lecture chaired by Andreas Reiner
17:00 - 18:00

Stefan Herlitze, Bochum, DE

Optogenetic control and visualization of GPCR pathways, or a journey from mouse brain to bioluminescent fish

  Poster Session organized by RUB Research School
18:00 - 21:00

Poster Session 1

Get Together with Food

Thursday, Sept. 29th
Session 1, Plenary Lecture, Networking (08:50 - 14:00)
  Session 1 - Remote Control of Neurite Growth - chaired by Rolf Heumann and David Marks
08:50 - 09:00 Opening of Session 1
09:00 - 09:30

Victoria Raffa, Pisa, IT

Force as messenger of axon outgrowth and neural maturation: novel insights based on magnetic nano-pulling

09:30 - 09:50

Peter Blümler, Mainz, DE

Magnetic Guiding with Permanent Magnets

09:50 - 10:20 Coffee break
10:20 - 10:40

Fabian Raudzus, Kyoto, JP

Magnetic spatiotemporal control of SOS1 coupled nanoparticles for guided neurite growth

10:40 - 10:50 Tsvetan Serchov, Strasbourg, FR
The role of the molecular circadian clock in the neurobiology and rapid treatment of depression
  Plenary Lecture chaired by Rolf Heumann
11:00 - 12:00

Jun Takahashi, Kyoto, JP (virtual)

iPS cell-based therapy for Parkinson's disease

12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Break
12:30 - 12:50 Company Presentation
13:00 - 14:00 Business Meeting for Study Group Members
13:00 - 14:00 Meet-the-PI (RUB Research School)
Thursday, Sept. 29th
Sessions 2 and 3, Poster Session and Social Program (14:00 - open end)
  Session 2 - Organoids and Gene Editing
- chaired by Thorsten Müller and Lucia Gallego
14:00 - 14:30

Alessandro Prigione, Düsseldorf, DE

Region-specific brain organoids for modeling and drug discovery of mitochondrial diseases

14:30 - 14:40 Sarah Hoerner, Mannheim, DE
Human iPSC and 3D-Bioprinting Technologies for the Development of Neuromuscular Tricultures Including Glia Cells
14:40 - 15:00 Christopher Esk, Wien, AT
Systematic analysis of human brain tissue development using cerebral organoids
15:00 - 15:20 Dominik Paquet, Munich, DE
Human iPSC-derived 3D tissue models to investigate neurodegenerative and neurovascular diseases.
15:20 - 15:40 Jay Gopalakrishnan, Düsseldorf, DE
Forebrain organoids innately developing bilateral optic vesicles
  Poster Session 2
15:40 - 17:00

Poster Session 2

Coffee Break

  Session 3 - Optogenetics: New Actuators, Sensors and Applications
- chaired by Andreas Reiner and Tim Ziebarth
17:00 - 17:10 Opening of Session 3
17:10 - 17:40 Simon Wiegert, Hamburg, DE
New tools for controlling neurons with light: Tweaking the nuts and bolts of the optogenetics toolbox
17:40 - 18:05 Olivia Masseck, Bremen, DE
sDarken: A new family of genetically encoded serotonin sensors

18:05 - 18:30

Benjamin Rost, Berlin, DE
Optogenetic Manipulations of the Presynapse
  Session 4.1 - Functional and Nanoscale Imaging in Health and Neurodegenerative Disease
- chaired by Tim Hucho, Andreas Reiner and Annika Haak
18:30 - 18:40 Opening of Session 4.1
18:40 - 18:50 Thomas Enzlein, Mannheim, DE
Computational Analysis of Alzheimer Amyloid Plaque Composition in 2D- and Elastically Reconstructed 3D-MALDI MS Images
18:50 - 19:00 Annika Guntermann, Bochum, DE
Looks like a starry sky - autoantibody screening in traumatic spinal cord injury
19:00 - 19:10 Simon Ebbinghaus, Braunschweig, DE
The role of CAG triplet repeat RNA unfolding in cellular localization and condensate association with possible implications for Huntington's disease
19:30 - open end

Informal get-together at Q-West (located at the university campus)

Friday , Sept. 30th
Plenary Lecture and Session 4 (08:50 - 12:55)
  Plenary lecture chaired by Thomas Günther-Pomorski
09:00 - 10:00

Konstanze Winklhofer, Bochum, DE

Shaping the ubiquitin coat of protein aggregates: A role of LUBAC in protein quality control

  Session 4.2 - Functional and Nanoscale Imaging in Health and Neurodegenerative Disease - chaired by Tim Hucho, Andreas Reiner and Annika Haak
10:00 - 10:10 Opening of Session 4.2
10:10 - 10:40

Oliver Bruns, Munich, DE

Biomedical Imaging beyond the Visible - Fluorescence Imaging in the Shortwave-Infrared

10:40 - 11:00

Cordelia Imig, Copenhagen, DK

Caught in the Act: Ultrastructural Imaging of Synaptic Vesicle Pools

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 - 11:40

Sebastian Timmler, Cambridge, UK
Region-specific myelin changes along the mouse lifespan
11:40 - 11:50 Annika Haak, Bochum, DE
Investigation of Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cell Tips with Scanning Ion Conductance and Expansion Microscopy
11:50 - 12:10 Katrin Willig, Göttingen, DE
Multi-color in vivo STED microscopy of the synaptic nanoarchitecture and its activity-dependent nanoplasticity
12:10 - 13:10 Lunch Break
Friday, Sept. 30th
Session 5, Poster Session 3, Awards & Prizes and Plenary Lecture (12:55 - 17:00)

Session 5 - Disease Models

- chaired by Volkmar Lessmann, Jörg Bartsch and Lisa Bachmann

13:10 - 13:20 Opening of Session 5
13:20 - 13:50 Albrecht Stroh, Mainz, DE
Targeting early neuronal network dysregulations across brain disorders:
Towards early network state-informed interventions
13:50 - 14:00 Sebastian Neumann, Bochum, DE
Is H-Ras induced neuronal protection mediated by the plasmalemmal voltage-dependent anion channel-1 (pl-VDAC-1)?
14:00 - 14:30 Silvia Capello, Munich, DE (virtual)
Extracellular Signaling in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Lunch Break & Meet-the-PI (RUB Research School)

Coffee Break & Poster Session

14:30 - 15:00

Lunch Break

Meet-the-PI organized by RUB Research School

15:00 - 15:30 Poster Session 3
Coffee Break
15:30 - 15:40 Poster prize
15:40 - 15:50 Young scientist award

Closing - Lecture organised by the JGBM students chaired by Marie Ziegler and Annika Haak

15:50 - 16:00 Welcome and Introduction
16:00 - 16:30 Edward Boyden, MIT, USA (virtual)
Tools for Analyzing and Repairing the Brain
16:30 - 16:45 Closing remarks
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Organization & Contact

Prof Dr. Günther-Pomorski


Rolf Heumann

Scientific Organizing Team:

PhD-Students: Tim Ziebarth, Annika Haak, Lucía Gallego Villarejo, David Marks, Lisa Bachmann

PIs: Jörg Bartsch, Rolf Heumann (Chair), Tim Hucho, Volkmar Leßmann, Thorsten Müller, Andreas Reiner

jGBM: Maite Brachthäuser, Max Halupczok, Linda Siegert, Marie Ziegler



This conference was supported by the Ruhr University Research School, funded by Germany’s Excellence Initiative [DFG GSC 98/3].